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Thank you for writing this and putting their relationship in a different light so I could learn more! } Daughter of Colonel Thomas Gonne, a British army officer with the rank of Assistant Adjutant-General stationed in Dublin, Maud Gonne was about twenty-five when she first came into Yeats's life, himself of almost the same age, older by a few months only. She later went back to France where she got romantically involved with a politician, Lucien Millevoye. })(); Her marriage, by all accounts, shattered Yeats. Maud Gonne, the daughter of a colonel in the British Army, was born on 20th December, in Aldershot in 1865.After her mother's early death she was sent to be educated in Paris. Agreed. The next year, Yeats explored rather eloquently in his journal of his perceptions of what he considered to be Maud’s internal conflict. googletag.pubads().collapseEmptyDivs(); Yeats was aware at this time that there had been a type of role reversal. Their written correspondence continued, although somewhat slowed by the passage of time, and of old age, although their letters continued to communicate a deep friendship and abiding mutual respect. Yeats vowed to win her round and had proposed to her another three times by the early 1900s. Thanks for the comment. She saw their union as one of their intellects, spirits and souls. However, after the marriage ended, Gonne made allegations of domestic violence, including the molestation of her then 11-year-old daughter Iseult Gonne,her husband returned to Ireland. } else { var src = (useSSL ? Gonne and her husband agreed on the need for an end to their marriage but could not agree on the future of their baby … Maud Gonne MacBride (1865-1953) was born at Aldershot in the south of England where her father, an … document.write('<\/script>'); Despite this, and the fact that Yeats was 25 years older than his wife, they enjoyed a happy marriage and had two children Anne and Michael. I wanted to try to debunk that myth. In April of 1916, the Easter Rising took place in Dublin, and brought an abrupt end to Maud Gonne’s marriage when John MacBride, as one of its leaders, was executed in the aftermath. What end will it all have? Within three months of her initial meeting with Willie in London, Maud became pregnant by Millevoye with her first child, son Georges, who died of illness at seventeen months of age. A portrait by W.B. The next decade brought change. Yeats later wrote that it was then that the two shared their first actual kiss. Despite being raised in France, Gonne was well aware of events in her homeland. Yeats’ feelings toward Maud at times clearly bordered on the obsessive, as he was to write in Cycles Ago, subtitled “In Memory of Your Dream One July Night”. Report an Issue  |  In fact, much of Yeats’ work centers on the unrequited and tumultuous aspects of his relationship with Maud Gonne. Yeats was shattered by Maud’s sudden marriage to John MacBride in the February of 1903. The Story of Maud Gonne: In 1889, 24-year-old Yeats met 23-year-old Maud Gonne, an heiress, actress, and political activist. Drawn together by Georgie’s interest in the occult, his relationship with her had been previously one of friendship, and within days of his wedding, he was wracked with guilt, writing in “The Heart Replies”. Iseult was now 22 years old and considered Yeats’ offer. Edith Maud Gonne December 21, 1866 - April 27,1953 History recognizes Maud Gonne most notably as an Irish revolutionary. In 1889, Yeats met Maud Gonne, a 23-year-old English heiress and ardent Irish nationalist. In 1882, Maud Gonne moved with her father to Dublin where he has been posted since he was an army officer. William Butler Yeats is one of Ireland’s greatest poets and was a giant of the literary world in the late 19th and early 20th century. And she was a voice for the women's movement. Throughout the years, he was to propose to her no fewer than three times. She … Yeats. (function() { Many of Yeats's poems are inspired by her, or mention her, such as "This, This Rude Knocking." Born on August 6, 1894, she was the only surviving child from Maud’s thirteen-year affair with a married She has all myself. 1 Like, © 2021   Created by Gerry Regan. document.write('