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Provided flu shots to patients and educated them on signs and symptoms of flu and how to prevent it from happening. Experience communicating both verbally (on phone, one-on-one) and in writing (emails, reports, presentations) to various audiences (team, customers) Current Intern/Extern License as granted by state licensing agency. Analyze patient information under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Processed prescriptions to insurance companies & appropriately handled rejected claims. Communicate proficiently with insurance companies for further resolution of claims. Interpreted the doctor's orders. Recommended OTC medications and treatments relating to specific patients. Performed both journal club and patient case presentation by the end of rotation. Managed antibiotic dosing and warfarin therapy based on sensitivity/renal function and INR, respectively. Look to the Resume Checklist below to investigate how Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy, and Pharmacist match up to employer job descriptions. Fill prescriptions, order/take inventory of product, counsel patients, stock product, assist customers, Take verbal scripts, counsel patients, make recommendations and consult with providers and their staff. Australian Intern Written exam. Our Resume Keyword Checklist is based upon an analysis of the most commonly found terms within both job descriptions and resumes for Pharmacy Intern roles. The average hourly pay for a Pharmacy Intern with Customer Service skills is $14.19. Perform comprehensive reviews on individual patient profiles to assess drug interactions and duplicate therapies. Prepare and dispense prescription orders; manage inventory; provide patient counseling and vaccinations. Performed prescription computer data entry. Performed retail pharmacy tasks such as order entry, medication dispensing and patient counseling, Performed order entry, medication preparation and patient counseling in the outpatient pharmacy. We believe great people model our values, are authentic, build trust and make connections. Present a journal club to nursing staff on topic specific to nursing. Search. Reviewed and Developed process for increasing Flavor-Rx sales, as a result sales increased 400% per week. Perform statutory functions of a registered pharmacist under the direct supervision of a board-appointed preceptor. Counseled patients on prescription and over-the-counter medications Preformed drug utilization reviews Learned about the process of home infusion pharmacy i.e. Monitor inventory levels to insure adequate service levels. Maintains knowledge and skill in healthcare and pharmacy, including latest news and developments. Nevertheless, job seekers mention them much more commonly in their resumes. In the UK, this is a requisite, as potential pharmacists are required to undergo 52 weeks of competency-based mentoring prior to taking their registration exam. By clicking the button above, I agree to the ZipRecruiter Terms of Use and acknowledge I have read the Privacy Policy, and agree to receive email job alerts. Preformed outpatient PT/INR monitoring with CoaguChek device. Completed an APPE rotation in Primary Care. New pharmacy intern careers are added daily on Worked alongside Pharmacist in filling prescriptions through IV preparations, medication carts, computing order entries and medication reconciliations. Helped customers to select over-the-counter products. Collaborated with referring physicians in providing diabetes education to patients with multiple chronic conditions individually and in group sessions. Monitored PT/INR values and made appropriate adjustments. Educated and advised patients on the use of nonprescription medications; introduced new products and maintained various professional equipment and machines. Your privacy is our priority. Introduced and adjusted new medications in cholesterol, asthma, and hypertension clinic. 2. Learned about drug distribution, automation technologies, handling controlled substances, purchasing, inventory control, and accessing medication references. Provided pharmaceutical care in fast-paced, high volume (1,000 scripts per day), 24-hour retail pharmacy. Edward S. King; Developing managerial skills through pharmacy intern supervision, American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, Volume 47, Issue 6, 1 June 1990, Pages Work with the pharmacist and other pharmacy technicians to fill and dispense medications. Verified accurate prescription orders to fill patient prescriptions. Supervised technician preparations of IV medications, TPN, cart fill, anesthesia trays, and crash cart trays. The role of the Pharmacy Intern is to assist the Pharmacist with the provision and delivery of pharmaceuticals; Prepares and distributes medications according to established policies, procedures, … As an intern pharmacist, you learn to to check for possible harmful interactions among different drugs patients take. Assist pharmacist with activities such as data entry, filling prescriptions and taking verbal physician orders. 196 open jobs for Pharmacy intern in Tampa. Identify potential Drug-Drug Interactions in patient's medication. Our analysis suggests that highlighting too prominently terms like Allergy, Managed Care, Compliance and Data Entry may be something to reconsider. Provided patient counseling including clinical pharmacy services and recommendations for OTC products under supervision of staff pharmacist. Provided outpatient hospital pharmacy services to both patients and employees of hospital. Receive prescriptions from other health care professionals, administer vaccinations, and counsel patients. Collaborate with other health care professionals to provide outstanding patient-focused care, including obtaining refills and getting prior authorizations. Conducted a research study on Adolescents and Hypertension with mentor. Assess patients INR through interview and determine dosage. Assisted in completing daily operations that resulted in maintaining high customer service rankings. Collaborated with physicians, insurance agencies and corporate to verify patient medications. Participated in the dispensing process and counseled patients on prescription and OTC medications. Maintain inventory and refill medications in pharmacy stations using Pyxis. Presented and discussed surgery publications at journal club. Head Pharmacist: Charlie Smith, RPh Interpreted prescriptions. Being a rock star pharmacy intern refers to people who take full potential of their abilities and leverage innovative strategies for improving themselves, the workplace and the services a pharmacy provides. Communicated with physician offices regarding patient medication and possible drug-drug interactions. 100.0 Teaching. Assist Pharmacist on duty by counseling patients relating to the use and side effects of prescription and OTC products. Job seeker resumes showcase a broad range of skills and qualifications in their descriptions of Pharmacy Intern positions. Common Keywords on Pharmacy Intern Resumes. Additionally, employer Pharmacy Intern job descriptions list Licensed Practical Nurse as a desirable experience, even though Licensed Practical Nurse appears 3.33 times less on resumes, suggesting that it's worth considering including this term if you possess the experience. Fill and process physician orders, dispense and compound medications as needed to. Communicated with health care professionals and patients about drug information. Construct various power point presentations to help educate various hospital staff about computerized physician order entry. Explained blood glucose level to the patient and assisted the ambulatory care pharmacist with medication treatment plan. Leveraged and expanded on pharmaceutical knowledge by helping to counsel patients alongside the pharmacist. Processed outpatient prescriptions using the NextGen computer system. Performed Medication reconciliation and Independence/functionality evaluation at arrival of patients. Compounded oral suspensions and topical medications according to professional standards. Performed order entry, medication preparation, IV preparation and delivery of medications for the central and ICU/NICU satellite pharmacies. At 25%, Patient Care, Managed Care, Licensed Practical Nurse, and HIPAA appear far less frequently, but are still a significant portion of the 10 top Pharmacy Intern … Maintained housekeeping and provided inventory control. Provide pharmacy services under supervision of a pharmacist. Pharmacists use these skills to calculate doses and study patient profiles, but they’re also useful skills for pharmacy techs. Stocked orders of controlled substances and counted pharmacy inventory. To become an intern, you're typically required to register with the Board of Pharmacy. Monitored and maintained pharmacy inventory, including reordering, labeling stock products, removing and properly disposing of expired products. Attended curriculum committee meeting and assisted faculty members in adjustments. There are a number of soft skills that pharmacy techs need to have. Assist pharmacists by preparing prescription medications, providing customer service, maintaining inventory, and performing administrative duties as needed. Similar Job Positions. Receive lab reports on lipid profiles and INR results and adjust medicationtherapy appropriately. Fill and process prescriptions, interact with physicians' offices, counsel patients on their medications, maintain inventory, Assist and counsel patients on medications, Input and process prescriptions, answer phones, and operate cash register. Provide pharmaceutical care and over the counter recommendations. Filled prescriptions, customer service, maintained drug inventory, operated cash register. Prioritized and organized hundreds of prescription orders daily by patient status. Provided ambulatory pharmacy services to multicultural patients while working with providers. Counseled patients about their prescription drugs and recommended OTC products to satisfy patient's need. Communicated extensively with physicians via phone for new and clarification of RX orders. Supported pharmacist in filling prescriptions for compound pharmaceutical preparations and devices, including oral suspensions, creams, pastes and suppositories. Experienced in using EpicRx to troubleshoot issues with other hospital staff. Counseled patients on drug therapy, possible adverse drug reactions, proper medication adherence, and disease states. Assist pharmacist with filling prescriptions, counseling patients on over-the-counter and prescription medications, answering medication related questions. Our hope is that you feel increasin... Health care is an exciting and ever growing profession that can take you many different directions. Contacted health care providers for verification of controlled substances prescriptions. Hospital, Clinic, and Immunity (Medical) represent a very decent share of skills found on resumes for Pharmacy Intern with 29.36% of the total. Entered physician orders for intravenous solutions. Provided pharmaceutical care for hospitalized patients upon discharge. Prepared intravenous medications under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. The courses offered include medical ethics, pharmacology and physiology. Analyzed and implemented medication orders as specified by physicians to ensure appropriate drug therapy and minimize risk of drug interactions. Presented on two published trials in journal club and a literature/website review with handout to preceptors and student intern. Participate in pharmacist duties under direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist to effectively prepare for pharmacist position. Participate in inventory control management. Managed patients' medications, monitored drug-drug interactions. Entered prescription information into computer system and processed them for insurance payment. Perform prescription data entry, filling, verifying prescriptions, counseling patients on medications and answered patient questions. Assisted the pharmacy technician in filling out prescriptions for cardiac inpatient care as well as Neonatal ICU care. Filled and dispensed pharmacy products under the direct supervision of the pharmacist-on-duty. Internship. Inventory control and ordering of both prescription and non-prescription medications. If you'd like to ask for special accommodation, you'll need to select the option as part of the registration process. Presented a Patient to my classmates and provided recommendations regarding their current drug therapy management with evidence-based medicine. Practiced aseptic technique while preparing IV and chemotherapy medications. Facilitated medication reconciliation, discharge counseling, and medication delivery through coordination of care from admission to discharge. Reviewed patient information and input prescriptions into the computer system. Helped to maintain the pharmacy inventory and documented all essential paperwork. Advanced Ambulatory Care Rotation Preceptor: Kimberly Ferguson, Pharm.D. Personal Traits . Conducted inventory control ensuring legal requirements. Assist pharmacists with dispensing prescriptions accurately and safely. Participated in weekly cardiology related journal clubs. Discussed 2 disease states weekly with a pharmacist and prepared a SOAP note for a patient with that disease. Provide consultation on new prescription medications, non-prescription medications and drug-drug interactions. Communicated regularly with physicians, nurses, and insurance companies to improve medication adherence. Counseled patients on relevant information regarding prescription drugs such as allergies, side effects. Attended antimicrobial stewardship meetings, residency interviews meetings, clinical pharmacy meetings. Managed prescriptions using McKesson EnterpriseRx software. Round with residents and attending physicians on a daily basis Research on patient's disease states and present to preceptor daily. Update Director of Pharmacy on current guidelines/recommendations to be effective leader in health care profession. Presented a diabetes lecture to patients focusing on lifestyle modifications and proper medication management. Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Assisted in providing pharmacy services, which included dispensing medication. Ensured medication adherence, increased awareness of drug side effects and disease states, and improved patients' quality of life. Assist pharmacist with technical tasks relating to preparation, distribution and storage of pharmaceuticals. Prepared labels and dispensed medications according to physician orders. Used medical information records to provide drug therapy counseling under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Maintained the Pyxis automated dispensing system and delivered medications throughout the hospital accurately. 10,933 open jobs for Pharmacy intern. Employers require qualifications such as the ability to follow instructions, attention to details, effective communication, computer competences, and teamwork. Maintained narcotics and dangerous drug inventory. Provided pharmacy services for nursing home residents. Provided patient counseling; including clinical pharmacy services. Educated the community on importance of blood pressure management, blood pressure goals and lifestyle modifications to help maintain blood pressure. Worked in Ambulatory Care Anticoagulation Clinic. Maintain inventory levels, manage aged will-calls and keep perpetual inventory of CII drugs. Developed skills related to patient counseling and recommendations for over-the-counter products. Experience working in a retail pharmacy or hospital. Performed and monitored INR results and changed anticoagulant medication as needed based on patient assessment/labs and consultative discussion.

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