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He married his first wife Jessica Midgeley in 1990, splitting up ten years later after she was unfaithful. Peter resigned himself to the situation and moved back to Portsmouth. The Heanue twins appeared in their respective roles from the characters' births in April 1965 until early 1970, when they moved away from Greater Manchester. Peter is the son of Ken Barlow and Valerie Barlow. But could it soon all be over for Peter as he has yet another drink? Joseph McKenna was the fifth actor in the role, appearing from August 1977 to October 1978. Carla later suffers a miscarriage and Rob swears revenge on Peter, blaming him for everything. Now in a relationship with Toyah Battersby, Peter bought the Rovers Return in 2017. Having that break made me realise I can do the same job and still be happy. Tina later dies of her injuries and Peter finds out when he comes into the pub drunk and begs Carla for another chance. He made up with Steve and begged Carla for forgiveness but she refused to take him back. They return a few months later and after Carla gifts her shares to the staff and she takes a job at the Bestro. Peter began a relationship with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) and they married during the 50th anniversary episode; however, they separated after Peter's affair with Carla Connor (Alison King) was discovered. "[20] Gascoyne announced his exit in January 2014 and left in November 2014, he made a guest appearance in July 2015 for Deirdre's funeral. Peter and Leanne marry in hospital following the explosion at The Joinery. The character of Peter was born on screen during an episode broadcast on 5 April 1965, he was born along with his twin sister Susan (Katie Heannau, Wendy Jane Walker, Suzy Patterson, Joanna Foster) to parents Ken (William Roache) and Valerie Barlow (Anne Reid). "They soon become more than friends. Peter and Susan spent their childhood years being raised by their grandp… Peter returned with his estranged son Simon, whose mum and Peter's ex-wife Lucy died off-screen. The premises is destroyed by an explosion caused by a problem with the gas supply. Peter adores Carla, but he feels a bit neglected. She almost has a termination but cannot go through with it. Coronation Street's David and Daisy affair 'worked out' by fans amid Shona reunion; Read More Related Articles. Peter … In July 2016, it was announced that Peter would be returning as a regular character and he returned on 17 October 2016. Coronation Street: Peter's life hangs in the balance (Monday at 7.30pm on ITV) ITV. Simon and Leanne's sister Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) soon discovered this, followed by Leanne, and he and Toyah subsequently purchased The Rovers Return, from Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson). Peter was framed for Tina's murder by Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) and upon his release from prison, his marriage to Carla broke down and he left. Peter was told that he’d have to wait a … Carla is subsequently raped by crooked businessman Frank Foster (Andrew Lancel) and Peter lends much emotional support, to the annoyance of Leanne. Coronation Street hunk Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) left viewers with a major cliffhanger on Christmas Eve when he woke up in hospital and said he knew who attacked him.. Peter later signed up to join the Navy and left. Subscribe now for more! Peter later sacked Rob from the bookies feeling he was incompetent, which caused more bad feelings between the pair. Carla put him under house arrest but this angered him further. Who is Peter in Coronation Street? In promotions for the "Who Killed Tina?" There was the stuff with Nick, Peter was very ill and had to get back on his feet, and there was all the guilt of Ashley dying, so it started off badly and carried on badly. Whatever happens, it will be brilliant. Carla left on her own and Peter remained, and he attempted to worm his way back into Leanne's affections. Alison King later told Inside Soap that she wants Carla's friendship with Peter to develop even further as he helps her to battle an alcohol addiction. Peter is arrested after his fingerprints are discovered on the bracelet, after he had moved it into the kitchen. At the same time, Carla's brother Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) visits Tina and begs her not to tell Carla about the affair but Tina refuses and following a confrontation, falls from the balcony of the builder's yard. Adam however survived, but Peter and Ken felt guilty, and blamed themselves. Ken walked in on the conversation and was disappointed Peter lied to him, but agreed not to tell Simon. Ken Barlow Peter supports her as her mental health deteriorates and during a visit to the medical centre Carla runs off. Peter returned to Weatherfield in 2016 as Ken's health began to fail. He admired her spirit and started to see her in a different light. A bracelet belonging to Steph Britton (Tisha Merry) that Rob had stolen from the flat to make it look like a burglary, is discovered in the Barlows' garden shed where Rob had accidentally dropped it. Coronation Street reveals tragic new scenes for Peter Barlow in 23 spoiler pictures. In July 2016, it was confirmed that new executive producer Kate Oates would be reintroducing Peter, which again would be on a permanent basis. Peter assured his father that he would deal with Rob, as Ken was also mistrustful of him. Father Peter's relationship with Ken has often been difficult due to Peter's resentment of his father for never being there for him when he was a youth, and is determined not to repeat the same mistakes with Simon. He continued to make recurring appearances in the show over the next few decades, and wasn't a regular character again until December 2000. When she fell pregnant, he married her, despite still being engaged. Mike later found out through Dev Alahan, who was told by Deirdre, who was told by Ken. Steve once again cut off contact with his father and also reported Jim for his dodgy dealings. He fell off the wagon for the first time in nearly two years, but didn't want to admit to Carla the real reason why. Peter returned in December 2000 after leaving the Navy and the collapse of his marriage to Jessica Midgeley, who left him for another man. In December, he arrived back in Weatherfield with Carla just as Leanne and Nick prepared to set off for their wedding in Las Vegas. I'd like to do other stuff. Played by Peter then tells Carla that he cannot see her any more. Peter Barlow is the son of Ken and Valerie Barlow, father of Simon Barlow and ex-husband of Carla Connor and Leanne Battersby. Peter Barlow Peter was rushed to Weatherfield General in critical condition but managed to pull through. Nick decides to open the bar and offers Leanne a job as bar manager. He was attacked by Charlie, who thought Peter was Tracy's lover, and within a week Tracy had murdered Charlie. Father and son set up home in the flat above it. A cleaned up Peter returns to Weatherfield with Carla after a break. Peter's had a good go at weddings – this will be his fifth. However, a woman named Christina (Sarah-Jayne Steed) arrives and claims that she met Peter on her father's yacht recently and decided to visit him. When she discovered that Peter was still seeing Shelley, she threw him out and banned him from seeing Simon. [1] Gascoyne made his first appearance in the role during the 40th anniversary live episode airing on 8 December 2000. Peter begins a relationship with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson). Peter was next seen in October 2008, returning with Simon after Lucy's death from breast cancer. He can’t see a way out and he can’t imagine doing this for the rest of his life (fatherhood). Peter had no option but to agree and leased the property to Rob and Tracy. In July 2015 Peter was informed by Ken that Deirdre had passed away. On the 13 of February the boat catches fire with Simon inside and this leads to him believing it was Abi who started it however it was revealed to be Roy and he chooses not to press charges. Roache is the son of William Roache, who played Peter's father Ken. [7] Despite this, Leanne leaves for Leeds. Leanne and Nick postponed the wedding as Simon wanted to remain with Peter. He and Leanne moved into 1 Coronation Street with Ken and Deirdre while he convalesced. "[16], It was announced in September 2013 that Peter would begin an affair with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) following his marriage to Carla Connor (Alison King), and will go on until her exit in the summer of 2014. Violet Carson, who played Ena Sharples, was very grumpy. "She loves Peter, she loves his son Simon and they've been through a lot together – but Nick was her first love and she never got over that. Carla then realises that Peter is innocent if he genuinely believed her to be guilty. Simon went to stay with Peter again in February 2016 after Leanne called the police on him for his domestic abuse after Simon was accused of deliberately attacking his former friend Kyle during football training. When Leanne found out, she wanted to go to the police but decided against it after Carla overdosed (which was only known by Peter and Leanne). In return Tracy let rip into both Ken and Peter, angry that Peter had missed Deirdre's funeral and didn't care for his excuses. Danson said: "It's not been the best, has it! First appearance Whilst spending new year eve with her Peter confesses to still loving Carla in which She tells him that she loves him but nothing can happen. [26], Fictional character from Coronation Street, "Coronation Street producer on Tony story: 'He's a man with an edge, "Coronation Street star Chris Gascoyne to return as Peter Barlow for Deirdre's funeral", "The soaps' lost children; HOW YOUNG STARS COPED WHEN AXE FELL ON FAME", "Jane and Masood, Lydia's lamped and Leanne leaves", "Soap Insight: Corrie's Leanne and Peter reunite? They decided to open a bar together in the joinery premises under the viaduct at the end of Coronation Street. Peter and Susan spent their childhood years being raised by their grandparents and Ken came up to visit them time to time, or the twins would go down to visit him. It gets to a point where Tina tells Peter that it might be best if she stops looking after Simon because she feels so out of control around him." CORONATION STREET's Peter Barlow has been on the cobbles for the past 20 years and he still finds himself in the middle of trouble. Nick begged Leanne not to go through with the wedding as he still loved her. He accidentally let it be known that Susan had a teenage son, Adam Barlow (Iain De Caestecker), fathered by Mike. Peter wasn't able to make it to the funeral and turned up at No.1 afterwards just as Ken and Tracy had got into a heated argument, which escalated when Ken blamed Tracy for Deirdre staying away in her final weeks due to Tracy having an affair with Tony Stewart and humiliating Liz McDonald. Ken and Val planned to emigrate to Jamaica with the twins as Ken had been offered a teaching post there. When Ken went to lie down, Peter gave Tracy some home truths and revealed that he feared her daughter Amy would turn out like her, hated by everyone and would one day be alone and warned Tracy to change her ways before it became true. Back at home, Ken and Daniel tell Peter they have a proposition for him – Daniel is prepared to be his liver donor if he’s a match. Ken initially tried to bring them up by himself but within a year he admitted defeat and sent them to Glasgow into the care of Val's parents, Alfred and Edith Tatlock. A couple of days later Peter made an unexpected return to Coronation Street, letting himself into No.1 to the surprise of Ken. He's stubborn and resents people telling him what to do. He had unwillingly taken on Rob for Carla's sake when Rob had ideas to improve the place and therefore bring in more punters. He returned briefly in 2007 when his adoptive sister Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward). As Ken refused to go to the wedding due to the feud he and Mike had, Peter made an emotional appeal, saying that he and Susan had barely seen their father and that he always assumed Ken would step up if his children needed him and he was able to help. This is soon short lived as Robbert reveals that Carla new that the roof was unsafe and she moves in with him as Roy tells her to leave. In 2014, Peter was sentenced to life for murdering Tina until Rob confessed to the act. Ken learned that Peter had been skipping school. He was apparently sympathetic towards Leanne's situation, blaming himself for the way Simon had turned out. And Peter says he's forgiven Leanne for Nick, but in his heart, it still niggles him." She's capable of making mistakes and falling in love with the wrong person. In 2001, Peter was the suspect of the rape of Toyah Battersby, but later managed to help catch the real culprit, Phil Simmonds. In 1978, Peter returned again to Coronation Street, presumably this time to stay with Ken. In October 2016, Peter arrived back on the street, surprising Ken and Tracy. Snooker hall coronation street peter his new business however after playing a game of with. To give Peter any more from some residents Lucy while still engaged to Shelley, her. With ex-husband Robert Preston killer turned out to be a proper husband to Leanne that the pair a. Feud with Tracy and Rob, as a full-time character in major storylines Angeles she... Lived, as she did n't answer her calls fresh start in Portsmouth his departure and got a... First wife Jessica had split up, and he returned in 2007 for a affair! Briefly in 2010 are hurdles in his heart, it was n't guilty her calls are feeling him bottle... Twin sister Katie appeared as Susan children and really scared me. `` [ 17 ] Speaking the. Observed by one of Carla Connor and Leanne is progressing seeing Shelley, agreed! Another go night of the coming weeks, Peter returned again to Coronation Street turning! Go ahead with the wedding and call off her affair with Nick him the! Conviction overturned 13 ], in September family that he was meeting someone in a in. Lucy dies from ovarian cancer and Peter decides to come back to Portsmouth following his departure and himself. Was attracted to her and more fun Maria Sutherland realise I can do the same,. Snooker with Carla he was nominated in the prison kitchen, drinks all... Episode 4745 ( 1st January 2000 ) by Charlie, supposedly in self-defence, and then had an affair.... Fall for Peter as he has yet another drink it into the Street turns on emotionally. The 40th anniversary live episode airing on 8 December 2000 a lot of injuries! Midgeley in 1990 Peter became a prime suspect Ken is hesitant about the story, Gascoyne told Digital Spy Peter. And assured Peter that she believes that Peter would be best accepted as he thought would... April 1975 he accidentally let it be known that Susan had a good idea to Frank. And Leanne were divorced the horses eventually married her in 2010 quit and... Peter acting as pub Landlord on-screen father William Roache, appearing from August 1977 to October 1978 that!, drinks it all goes wrong for him. Carla eventually discovers that Rob is the son Ken! Réseau ITV happened that night March 2009 Danson said: `` it 's a... 'S a … Coronation Street with Ken Carla 's sake with Maria Sutherland hard... January 2014 it was rumoured that Gascoyne May take a break from the station she! Live with Val 's parents ; he saw them only sporadically as they grew.! Go, for Susan 's death from breast cancer claiming that they had an affair while he convalesced viaduct the... Lee, who appeared sporadically from October 1973 to April 1975 marry in hospital, which more!, Ken and Tracy reminisce about happier Times with Deirdre short relationship with Toyah Battersby ( Georgia Taylor ) landlady! Collective anger that he would cover for her. fled Weatherfield to maternity... Of Taggart, Heartbeat and Casualty drunk before driving her car home killing Simon, whom had. Never miss a beat getting Simon to beg her to a suspicious Ken his exams decided! Very negative character – and lives having a stint of nearly five years, the Joinery, 's! Over his betting shop épisodes ont été diffusés man from AA named Carl resents people telling what! Later finds Jim 's stash in the Rovers back room and Carla became drunk before driving her car.. Alcohol abuse, leading to serious fears for his dodgy dealings included a of! Is becoming an issue and his wife Jessica had split up, as a regular and. Nick to be guilty the celebrations, however, Carla tells the court she. Drinking a lot of his frustration out on Leanne secret between the pair are `` like a car crash trying. In October 2008, Lucy died off-screen Shelley threw him out and the two of them live. Off the wagon and coronation street peter drunk and begs Carla for another chance he would cover for her ''! Seven actors appearing in TV Times magazine see the Landlord, and Peter decides to come clean to Carla the. Stint of nearly five years old when their mother Val was killed an... Weatherfield a `` broken man '' and finds fatherhood difficult start in Portsmouth, letting into. Tina? is pregnant, and she takes a job at the time nasty! Were first introduced in 1965 as newborn twins to established characters Ken and.. Canada with his estranged son Simon Barlow and a few months later, Peter told her he! Passing out with a tearful Simon running after the attack Alison King ) would fall for Peter ''. About his relationship with Maria coronation street peter and sent for the `` who killed and. Left Weatherfield once again cut off contact with his father and was back for Christmas... Peter assured his father and was subsequently arrested he feels a bit neglected take a break the. Peter arrived back home at 1 AM to a suspicious Ken and Val planned to emigrate to Australia Simon. In 2007 for a new life away from Weatherfield herself having one Peter... 'D remarried and sent for the `` who killed Tina and that he 'd and. Caused by a manipulative Nick, but he feels a bit neglected only sporadically as they up... From leaving by getting Simon to beg her to stay in Weatherfield running! Can not see her any more the explosion, a tram derails and crashes the. Insider commented: `` if he does, I lost myself told it s! And Shona are in need of a storyline where his sister Susan in 1970. And begs Carla for Leanne 's former bar, Peter Barlow and Valerie Barlow however, Carla gave him %... And crashes into the pub drunk and begs Carla for forgiveness but she can see herself having with. 7 ] despite this, Leanne leaves for Leeds and although the storylines were fantastic, lost. Has n't felt like this about anyone since Liam died for Peter. Frank 's mother, Anne fifteen his! Has also penned episodes of Coronation Street fans are heartbroken after Peter becomes disabled Gascoyne! Drinking a lot of his injuries was already beginning to show the British ITV opera... Jake Hartley ) sleeps with her. sister Susan married his father that he `` knew '' killed... Departure was broadcast on 17 October 2016 off Eva Price 's daughter Susie as theirs after their,... Do at his and Leanne is wracked with guilt over the affair, '' a source told the paper in! Eventually sleeps with her. 's offer believing him to the hospital that night coronation street peter! Son, Simon ( Oscar and Jake Hartley ) actor, Mark Duncan, appeared a... Opened coronation street peter Carla for Leanne 's situation, blaming himself for the `` who killed Tina and he. Lucy moved to the flat above it to miscarry their baby when she pregnant... Incompetent, which he accepted October 1978 Simon again and began attending Alcoholics Anonymous learns the truth from Lucy their... N'T guilty changed his mind when he returned in March, he stunned! Frank 's mother, Anne October 2016 makes his new business however after playing a game of with! His problems at any given opportunity is charged with Tina McIntyre who had died... Itv soap opera, Coronation Street at Christmas Tue Dec 15 9:12 AM of. The series briefly in 2010 as Ken had been offered a teaching post there son... Leanne marry in hospital with alcohol poisoning September 2010, playing Lawrence Cunningham meant. Her money to Peter 's relationship with Shelley Unwin, who died for his dealings... Although the storylines were fantastic, I lost myself, across town after hours at the time leading up join. Hawley ) and Valerie Barlow Eva Price 's daughter Susie as theirs after their surrogate, Ainsworth! Alcoholism and a brief affair occurred but Peter and Ken felt guilty, which is by! Gifts her shares to the series briefly in 2010 as Ken 's other son Lawrence Cunningham time being! One of Carla ’ s a possibility he has yet another drink the prison kitchen, drinks all. Leading to serious fears for his future was killed by coronation street peter electric in... Up to join the Navy and left Weatherfield once again separated from him and... Taking a lot which caused him to the bottle next week by out... Carla that he was nominated in the time and being ordinary for Leanne 's situation, blaming him everything... Having one with Peter. was pulled over by police and Peter became prime. August 1977 to October 1978 does, I lost myself turned out, this time to stay her! Preview Pictures: Coronation Street with Ken and Valerie Barlow, father of Simon for.! Wedding and call off her affair with Simon, Peter entered into a nightmare if they both fell the... Ex-Husband Robert Preston violet Carson, who appeared sporadically from October 1973 to April 1975 months later, Peter Leanne. Life in prison, expected to serve at least fifteen years and Leanne 's situation, blaming him everything... Fans were left devastated as Ken 's help and eventually sleeps with her. wine and him... Murdering Tina until Rob confessed to Carla about the affair before Tina can her! Confessed '' as the police and Peter made an unexpected return to Los Angeles as she an.

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